Team training in classroom

Everything you should know about security training (but were never told)

Security training is essential. Employees are the largest risk factor in your network defense, so your best bet is educating them to act responsibly. Offer training frequently, make it relevant to your team and industry, and follow up to see if it's effective.
security management

9 things you should know about network security management

Our top tips for maintaining network security and protecting your important data
network security

Why network security matters to your SMB

Network security is essential for any business, no matter the size of your company. While most SMBs are aware of threats, they probably don’t realize how susceptible they are. Threats are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, so more preventative measures need to be taken.
cybersecurity training

The SMB owner's guide to employee cybersecurity training

Many small-business owners turn to methods such as IT support, encryption and employee cybersecurity training to alleviate the risk of bad actors getting their hands on sensitive data. Here's a look at a few key things you should tell your employees about in cybersecurity training.

The complete guide to SMB IT support

An IT support team’s most important job is to keep your business up and running with as little downtime as possible. This allows you to focus on what’s most important—the health and growth of your business. Learn what your IT support team should do for you.

What you can learn from the worst cybersecurity breaches of 2018

When bad things happen, valuable lessons often become clear. That's certainly true whenever major data breaches occur. Reading about cyberthieves attacking large corporations can help you develop your own prevention plans. Here are three of the worst breaches of 2018 and what you can learn.