Data breaches, cryptocurrency, and technology conference updates… there was a lot of tech news this month, so you may have missed a few stories. However, we’ve gathered the top stories you might have missed in May 2021.

  • Strong Job Growth – There remains a below the national average unemployment rate for IT and Tech jobs. The US national unemployment rate was reported at 6% while the technology sector only has a 3.3% unemployment rate. IT leaders are high in-demand.
  • Microsoft Build – In May, Microsoft held their latest digital event – Microsoft Build 2021, a developer conference highlighting some new updates and features for developers across the modern tech stack. At the conference, Microsoft made several announcements around their Azure Cloud, Edge Browser, and Project Reunion .08.
  • Colonial Pipeline Hack – The largest east coast gasoline supplier was shut down after being hit by a ransomware attack carried out by an elite group of cybercriminals. The pipeline shut down caused significant gas shortages across the Eastern US. More than $4 million USD was paid in order to restore operations.
  • Ransomware – A new, never before seen strain of ransomware has been identified targeting unpatched Microsoft Exchange email servers in US-based hospitality businesses. The campaign has made over $200,000 so far.
  • Ethereum Hits a Price Milestone – Ether, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency hit a record high past $4,000 in May 2021. Since its peak, it has dropped to below $3,000 currently.
  • Cybersecurity Issues in the C-Suite – In a survey released by a cybersecurity and compliance company, two out of three global CISOs reported they feel unprepared to cope with a cyberattack, and more than half admitted they are more concerned about the aftermath of an attack this year than in 2020.
  • Mobile Phishing Scams – Mobile phishing scams more than doubled in the last year. Cyberattacks are purposefully targeting phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to find a vulnerable entry point.