Microsoft has recently shifted gears in the process of patching vulnerabilities by fixing more than a 100 patches in the past four months.

In the recent fix, 11 vulnerabilities were extremely threatening since they could be used through cyber-crime to gain access to, or remote control, targeted devices.

While no reports of any malware activity have surfaced (yet), Tech2Bit advises users to install these updates to prevent any threatening activities.

Crucial Vulnerabilities observed by Microsoft in June, 2020:

According to Brian Krebs, CVE-2020-1301 was the most threatening vulnerability, especially for Windows 7 and 8 – as these operating systems are no longer being updated, since January 2020. Even though this reduces the chances of any attack, it is advisable to avoid delaying any patches.

Other important fixes that were highlighted in the Patch Tuesday, June 2020 by Microsoft, include:


This vulnerability was found particularly in SharePoint. A possible attack would enable a cyber-thief to perform malware actions within SharePoint, especially the pool process via a specially crafted page.

Once the patch is applied, you’ll be able to avoid any possible breach that could be threatening to your data.

CVE-2020-1225 and CVE-2020-1226:

This patch was fixed for Microsoft Excel, where the software was unable to update its memory. A cyber-attack can cause a malware dysfunction of the data, in the targeted computer.

Installing a patch can reduce chances of any exploitation. Users with strict user right configuration are less vulnerable to this attack.


CVE-2020-1248 obstructed the Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) by destabilizing its memory.

Installing an updated patch would allow users to avoid a possible attack that could lead to identity and data theft. Enabling a patch would ensure maximum security for your software.

Ensure virtual safety by installing patches.

Since the start of the novel Covid-19 virus, most Microsoft employees have been working remotely. As a result, patch management has been more difficult to carry out.

You can keep your organization and work data safe by applying these fixes immediately. It has been advised to install these updates to avoid any remote control cyber-attacks.

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