We’ve ‘flattened the curve’, ‘socially distanced’, and now lockdown restrictions are finally easing up. People are wanting to get back to work and resume living their everyday lives.

Due to Covid-19, heading out the door and back to work is looking a whole lot different. Companies need to adhere to new safety and legal requirements and make sure they put the well-being of their employees (and customers) above all.

Many businesses have even found that they no longer need all the overhead they thought. Some have even transitioned into work-from-home machines. While this may have been the logical response due to everything happening so quickly, many business owners were also forced to bend, break or even ignore all of their previously cleared defined security measures.

As we move back to the workforce, businesses not only need to use short-term Band-Aids, but need to plan for the future of their companies as well. Besides all of the legal requirements and ensuring safe workspaces, let’s consider four main issues when it comes to network security:

1 – Virus / Malware Scanning. When working from home became the ‘norm’, most company’s staff just took their computers home. They were operating outside the usual firewalls and protocols that were put in place on the company network. Good security involves a layered approach, and essentially, those layers were taken away. Make sure to run a full AV scan over the whole machine to make sure there is nothing harmful to your company network.

2 – Disable remote access for users who don’t need it. Only keep remote access for user’s who actually need it. This simply just helps mitigate any potential risks with more users than needed having remote access.

3 – Windows Patching. Most computers only patch when they are on the company network. Make sure to get the network to force update once everyone is back online.

4 – Plan for next time. If this unfortunate situation has taught us anything, it’s that preparation is key. Make sure you have a full plan of action in place just in case everyone needs to work from home once again.

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