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Legacy phone systems are expensive to update and lack the robust features modern businesses demand. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems use your established local area network—instead of traditional phone lines—to deliver HD-quality calling, voicemail and more at significant cost savings. With VoIP phone services for business, you get an integrated, flexible infrastructure that supports many types of communication and is easily scaled based on your changing needs.



VoIP Phone Solutions by TECH2BIT

VoIP phone solutions by TECH2BIT reduce costs and add expanded features that increase your workforce mobility and productivity. A VoIP office phone system supports advanced features that empower your business—free long-distance calling, email system integration, conference bridge lines, e-fax capabilities, auto assistant services, smart forwarding and more.


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How Can VoIP Phone Services by
TECH2BIT Help Your Business?

Skip the hefty hardware, installation and long-distance charges associated with standard phones. VoIP phone systems are a flexible, cost-effective solution that can be easily scaled based on your needs and goals.
VoIP phone service is ideal for on-the-go and remote workforces. We’ll set up advanced call forwarding to simultaneously route your calls, so you and your employees never miss a call—in or out of the office.
VoIP integrates with applications like customer management, live chat and real-time coaching tools to provide capabilities a standard phone system never could. TECH2BIT ensures your VoIP system is fully integrated so you can better service your customers.

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