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Vendor Management Services

Virtually every business IT solution integrates hardware and software systems from multiple vendors. It can be a challenge to keep track of specifications, licenses and warranties in addition to determining who to call for technical assistance or advice. TECH2BIT works with your vendors and act as a single point of contact for all your technical needs.



Vendor Management Services

As a trusted vendor management company, TECH2BIT has strong partnerships with some of the biggest and most trusted names in technology. We provide you with the hardware, software and cloud services you need at the best possible value, then ensure your systems are maintained in accordance with licenses or warranties. Plus, we manage vendor tech support requests to ensure they get resolved quickly.


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How Can TECH2BIT Vendor Management Services Help Your Company?

Benefit from a deep understanding of technologies and detailed information about the vendors’ support services. TECH2BIT answers any questions you have and makes unbiased recommendations of what technologies work best together.
Instead of having to keep track of multiple sales, service and support contacts for each vendor, you only need to call one place. We’ll handle contact management, as well as multi-vendor integration, issue and dispute management, vendor risk management and more.
Looking to consolidate vendors or re-evaluate contracts with current vendors? We’ll negotiate for you to ensure you get the best possible technical solution—as well as the best price—so you can continue to service customers and focus on growth.

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