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IT Security Services

Cyber security is a major concern for organizations today. Businesses of all sizes are potential targets for criminals out to steal sensitive information, hijack systems and extort money. TECH2BIT has the real-world expertise and cutting-edge technology necessary to deploy sophisticated, cost-effective cybersecurity measures to businesses and organizations in Dayton and Cincinnati, OH.



Managed Security Solutions

TECH2BIT has the expertise to implement and maintain scaled IT security services. We protect your business from constantly evolving external threats, detect and block intrusions, safeguard internal systems and implement security policies—all in compliance with government and industry regulations.


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How Can IT Security Services by
TECH2BIT Help Your Business?

Spam, ransomware and phishing are very real threats to your business—entering your system primarily through email. We manage and maintain antispam and antivirus software to protect your vital communications 24/7.
Cyber criminals and foreign entities are becoming increasingly aggressive. TECH2BIT helps you preempt potential threats by implementing best-of-breed security practices and technologies to keep your vital systems safe.
Government and industry rules for safeguarding private information are becoming increasingly stringent—especially as cyber threats evolve. TECH2BIT technicians are experts in maintaining your compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI and similar regulations.

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