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Server Migration and Deployment Support

Transferring data from one database to another sounds like a simple task, but it often becomes complicated as differences in functionality, architecture and other factors arise. Whether you are upgrading to increase security, enhance performance or move to the cloud, you can count on TECH2BIT to make server migration and deployment services as speedy and seamless as possible.



Migration & Deployment Services by TECH2BIT

Our server migration services start with an evaluation or your existing database and associated systems, as well as the requirements you have for your new database. After that, we match you with servers, databases, cloud hosting solutions and/or applications that best fit your needs. Then we move into server deployment where we complete the transfer and put your new system through extensive testing to ensure it's stable and performing optimally.


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How Can Server Migration and Deployment Services Help Your Business?

Migration and deployment can be a daunting task. Look to TECH2BIT to assess your situation, make recommendations that fit your business goals, and develop a phased migration plan that minimizes disruption and fits in your budget.
Performing a complete server deployment and migration is time-consuming. It can take days to transfer all your data, documents and information. Our proven approach doesn’t miss a thing and gets you operational fast.
Old servers and an outdated network can decide to shut down entirely, and it’s always at the worst possible time. We’ll make sure your new technology is optimized for maximum performance and availability.

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