More than 2,200 structures were either destroyed or sustained major damage when tornadoes ripped through our Dayton community on Memorial Day 2019.

A manufacturing company, whose building was directly impacted by these tornadoes, reached out to us for help regarding internet service. Three temporary trailers were brought in so that office staff could continue to work for the next year while the main building was rebuilt.

The problem: While the internet service provider was able to get service to one trailer. The other two trailers were on the other side of their lot with no access to Spectrum’s under or above-ground lines so, therefore, had no access to internet services.

The challenge: Because of the distance and the fact that semi-trucks were going in and out of the lot multiple times per day, the solution to get internet access to the other two trailers had to be rock solid.

Our solution: TECH2BIT installed an outdoor point-to-point wireless link to connect all three trailers without the need to bury cable across the lot.

Distance: 300 FT
Throughput: ~655Mbps

Wireless Point-to-Point System