mobile business apps

The 8 most convenient mobile business apps for communication

With technology becoming increasingly important for business success, it pays to keep an eye out for innovations that will improve your process. We've got 8 great recommendations that you can utilize for improving collaboration and communication with your team.
VOIP phone

4 signs you need to upgrade your business phone system

There are now more phone options available for you, making it possible to get the ideal, custom phone system for your specific business needs. While some business owners are hesitant to make a large investment in a new phone system, delaying this change can cost you business results over time.

Are you using these 4 amazing VoIP features?

While the benefits speak for themselves, what you may not know about is all the features that a VoIP system has to offer. If you are interested in using this type of system for your business, or just want to see what your current system is capable of, keep reading.
cybersecurity training

The SMB owner's guide to employee cybersecurity training

Many small-business owners turn to methods such as IT support, encryption and employee cybersecurity training to alleviate the risk of bad actors getting their hands on sensitive data. Here's a look at a few key things you should tell your employees about in cybersecurity training.
printer troubleshooting

The definitive printer troubleshooting guide

When it comes to your company's printer, simple solutions can often get employees back to work quickly. This easy printer troubleshooting guide will go over the most common issues. Before you call tech support, be sure to see if the issue can be easily resolved on your own.

What you can learn from the worst cybersecurity breaches of 2018

When bad things happen, valuable lessons often become clear. That's certainly true whenever major data breaches occur. Reading about cyberthieves attacking large corporations can help you develop your own prevention plans. Here are three of the worst breaches of 2018 and what you can learn.
IT budget

How to plan your IT budget for 2019

As a business leader, you have to stay current and under budget. You need a budget that works for your bottom line, but also assumes you’ll spend more on IT in 2019 to maintain a competitive advantage. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you map out your 2019 IT budget.