Approximately 36 percent of businesses in 2018 used VoIP services, and this number is continuing to go up. Considering all the benefits VoIP has to offer, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are choosing it for their businesses. While most of the benefits speak for themselves, you may not know about all the additional features a VoIP system has to offer.

If you are interested in using this type of system for your business, or just want to see what your current system is capable of, keep reading about some of the amazing features offered by VoIP here.

1. Outbound call control

Some of the biggest productivity killers in any workplace are employees using personal devices (or work devices) for personal matters. This type of productivity killer can have huge consequences for your business, such as losses in revenue, missed deadlines, lost morale, and more.

You can minimize these losses by using outbound call control, a feature offered by modern VoIP systems. This particular feature works by limiting the phone numbers that are able to be called through the VoIP system.

2. Auto attendant

Hiring a person to answer incoming calls can be expensive and inefficient. However, using the auto attendant feature offered by a VoIP system is the perfect alternative.

With the auto attendant, you can set up several different numbers in different local areas. You can even have a menu system so your callers can easily connect with various departments or even have the option to speak with a live operator.

3. Call recording

There are several benefits of call recording, including improved training for employees, protection from costly disputes, to support compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS, and other regulations, and to gain more customer insight.

This allows a business to be more consumer-friendly, as the past calls can be analyzed and reviewed to figure out how effective the operator was. All modern VoIP solutions offer these types of features but be sure to remember to have everyone in the party give their permission before recording.

4. Call blocking

Calls you don’t want are becoming more of a nuisance to individuals and businesses. In fact, answering spam phone calls results in millions of hours of wasted time for small businesses in the U.S. each year. This translates to more than $475 million in lost revenue each year. With improved technology, spam callers can blast thousands of time-wasting, productivity-killing calls in minutes.

With VoIP, you can easily block these calls before they become a huge issue. With a VoIP system in place, you can ensure these types of calls never make it all the way to your employees. This means they won’t be wasting their time on calls that won’t aid business productivity.

Integrating a VoIP system

If you are thinking about integrating a VoIP system for your business, then working with a professional, such as your MSP provider can help ensure the integration is successful. While VoIP systems are easy to use, they do require some training to unlock the full potential they offer.

Don’t ignore all the benefits of VoIP features to save time, boost productivity, and even minimize distractions for employees. If you invest in it for your business now, you’ll begin to reap the rewards almost immediately.