We are about to hit the one-year mark when the majority of Americans began working 100% remotely. With uncertainty of vaccine disbursement and safety practices, it’s unclear when the majority of workers will be returning to the office full-time. Also, several companies have gone fully remote in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic after seeing their entire workforce remain productive while working from home.

Likely, businesses will deploy a hybrid model where employees will work both in the office and from home to maintain social distancing guidelines and remote work flexibility. However, this comes with a myriad of technology and HR challenges. The important question to ask is “Is your business prepared for a hybrid work model?”

Before stepping into the office, whether you are requiring your employees to or not, it is vital to communicate your plan with your workforce. Will employees be required to be in the office multiple days a week or are you giving them complete control over when they return? It’s important to set expectations early and communicate often, so your workforce can make the accommodations needed.

When it comes to technology, you’ve already deployed the necessary measures that allows your employees to work from home the past year – whether you ordered additional laptops, secured more VPN licenses, or upgraded workloads to the cloud. However, if you are going to continue a remote or hybrid workforce, it’s important to invest in additional technology upgrades.

These upgrades include:

  • Better Cybersecurity Best Practices: Quickly deploying to a remote work model likely increased your organization’s threat level because basic security protocols were overlooked to enable your workforce to work remotely overnight. Now that there has been time to reflect and adapt to the changing landscape, those potential threat areas and gaps need to be addressed with upgraded cybersecurity measures and best practices.
  • IT Expertise: You need expert IT support staff on call when a problem arises. With our IT support services, we can have a team of experts dedicated to tackling your issues, providing solutions, and ensuring any issues are fixed right the first time. We operate as trusted partners to keep your business up and running no matter where your employees are located, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Cloud Solutions: The global pandemic caused a rapid increase in digital acceleration with cloud computing leading the charge. With cloud computing, organizations allow their employees to access their network and data from anywhere, anytime, allowing for a true remote workforce. As your business continues to adapt to the hybrid work model, it’s important to evaluate which cloud solution is going to be right for your business in the long-term.