On Monday, June 7th, Apple began its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). It will run through June 11th, and everything will be held virtually. On the first day of the conference, Apple made several announcements, and we are covering all the news you missed.

Apple announced the next iteration of their iOS. Version 15 will bring improvements to Facetime, Music, and Maps.

  • SharePlay: With the new SharePlay, Apple devices will allow you to watch or listen to content with others virtually across multiple devices.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Apple also announced new Live Text will read the text in photos and allow users to copy and paste text from a photo.
  • TSA: Apple’s Wallet will soon allow you to store your identification in a digital form in participating US states that can be used at airport security.

One of the biggest announcements in day one of the conference was around Apple’s iCloud. They unveiled iCloud+ that bundles VPN, private email, and better storage. The new features will be included with the previous iCloud at no additional cost.

  • VPN: The VPN, called Private Relay, will operate as a traditional VPN, routing internet traffic through two relays in order to mask whose browsing.
  • Hide My Email: This new feature lets you create single-use email addresses that will forward to your actual account.
  • HomeKit Cameras: Apple will include unlimited storage for video for home security cameras.

Additional updates from Apple include:

  • Apple announced they have 600 million weekly visitors to the AppStore.
  • On Monday, they announced developers can now turn 2D images into a 3D model with the photos app.
  • The latest version of macOS was announced with features that allow users to use the same mouse across a Mac and iPad.
  • Apple revealed its newest version of its Apple Watch software – WatchOS 8.
  • As is usual with Apple events, they announced new privacy protection protocols including tracker-blockers and more private Siri commands.
  • Apple announced that Siri is used by 600 million devices worldwide each month.
  • Apple unveiled new iPad software called iPadOS15 that allows you new ways to rearrange iPad apps, better organization, and better multitasking.
  • Maps is now updated with more city details and 3D models of cities.