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1What is managed IT service?
Managed service is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management and support responsibilities as a strategic method for improving your business operations and cutting costs. Managed services can range from a small portion of a business’ IT needs (such as managing and maintaining the network) to complete outsourcing of all IT activities. In short, a managed services company takes responsibility for your IT services for a fixed fee.
2How is managed IT different from standard IT services?
In a “standard” model—what some call break-fix IT—the company will come in, set up your systems, get them to a functional state and then disappear unless you call about an issue. The “standard” IT company then charges an hourly rate to resolve the issue. It is a transaction-based relationship. A managed services company takes a proactive approach and consistently performs tasks to keep your systems performing well. Patches, updates and other system work are done routinely, and systems are monitored to identify and remedy issues before they become major problems that impede business. In this way, the managed services provider is invested in helping you avoid pitfalls and ensuring your systems work optimally. It is a strategic business partnership.
3Why should I consider managed services?
Many businesses rely on IT every day, but technology support and networking is not their core business focus. If this applies to your business, you need to ask yourself if spending time and resources focusing on something that is not part of your core business is really a good idea. You can wait until a system fails to address your IT needs, but you need to understand what decreased performance and reliability is really costing your company in lost productivity and opportunities.
4What is the cost of a managed IT service agreement?
Managed service agreements have several different levels that correspond to the type and scope of services required. With managed services, there can be a significant cost-savings, and some companies—TECH2BIT being one—can provide services for less than a company can hire a full-time IT person.
5What type of contract is involved?
Some managed services are month-to-month, while others are multi-year commitments. It all depends on what services are needed and to what extent they will be utilized. Some will have a very high start-up cost, and then a lower long-term cost. Others spread out the start-up costs across a longer period to mitigate the overall monthly cost. However, a reputable managed services provider will work with you to create a well-scaled, customized plan that fits the unique needs of your business.
6Is my business a good candidate for managed IT services?
Basically, if more than four of these factors apply to you, your business would benefit from working with a managed IT services company like TECH2BIT: • You don’t want to be in the IT business • You don’t want to worry about IT—you just want it all to work • You never know who to call for technical support • The IT demands of your business are stressing you out • You find yourself more concerned with IT than growing your business • The success of your business relies on “this guy my brother knows that does computers” • Technology is essential to your business model, but you aren’t a “techie” person • You are done trying to get techies to understand your business needs • You are re-tasking non-technical employees to do IT work • You feel like you are perpetually having to buy IT equipment or have your systems fixed • You understand the cost of downtime is so much more expensive than a technician’s hourly rate • You are tired of finding, hiring and onboarding IT staff • You are in need of an in-house IT person/team, but can't afford to hire one • You want to see a true ROI from what you spend on technology and IT services

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