The phone system used by your business has a significant impact on productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. With modern technology and innovation, there are now more options available to get the ideal, custom phone system for your specific business needs.

While some business owners are hesitant to make a large investment in a new phone system, not making this change can cost you business results over time.

Rather than being satisfied with what’s good enough, take note of all the advancements that are more accessible than ever. Watch for these signs you need a new business phone system.

1. Your phones are obsolete

In many cases, businesses discover they are using phone hardware that’s discontinued. While this may serve as a temporary measure while you search for an upgrade solution, operating with an unsupported phone system is risky.

While the hardware may work fine now, it’s only a matter of time before the hardware fails from aging technology. If you aren’t prepared for an upgrade, you will be left without a replacement for a phone system that’s no longer available. This can result in extremely expensive or highly challenging troubleshooting or even unplanned voice service gaps for your team.

2. Employees avoid using the phone

If your employees avoid using your phone system – opting for alternative forms of communication – that’s another sign you need a change. A high-quality and feature-rich voice system will increase employee productivity and client satisfaction.

While alternative forms of communication (e.g., texting or email) are effective, voice communication is still a crucial business channel. Investing in a modern phone system fully enable your team to do more business with a personal touch.

3. Customers cannot reach you every time

Are your customers getting busy signals when they call your business? The fact is, 95% of people who have had unsatisfactory customer service experience will tell someone about it. In most cases, a customer’s low tolerance for an unreachable vendor affects their willingness to purchase (or re-purchase).

If your call volume has recently outpaced the capabilities of your existing phone system, then you need to weigh the pros and cons. In some cases, adding more lines to your current system may be enough. But in others, making the switch to a scalable, flexible VoIP system may be a better long-term solution.

4. You need more functionality

A VoIP phone system offers expanded digital features, such as recorded conference calls, voicemail, multichannel notifications and more. It’s also a more affordable budget upgrade than purchasing additional hardware every time your business experiences growth or change. Even better, integration is much easier and not quite as expensive.

If you have noticed that it is time for you to upgrade your business phone system, then contact us. At Tech2Bit, we can help you get the right system with the right features in a package you can afford now – and later.