MSB 2021

Yesterday, May 25th, kicked off Microsoft’s latest digital event – Microsoft Build 2021. Microsoft’s developer conference is running virtually again this year, and according to CEO Satya Nadella “will highlight how Microsoft is creating new opportunities for developers across the modern tech

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Myths Debunked About a Hybrid Workforce

The COVID-10 pandemic unintentionally launched a mass-scale remote work experiment across the globe. It also shattered the longest-running myth about the workforce: you can’t trust employees to do their jobs if you can’t see them. Instead, the pandemic offered proof that efficiency

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Colonial Pipeline Co. Ransomware Attack

Residents on the East Coast are scrambling to get gas as the shutdown of major US petroleum pipeline suffered a cybersecurity attack. Colonial Pipeline shut down its major pipeline Friday, May 7th after discovering ransomware on its computer systems. The attack happened

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How to Lead Digital Transformation in 2021

Digital transformation is the integration of new technology into all areas of business. It requires technological and cultural changes and is vital for all businesses to survive. The world is becoming increasingly digital, and there are several changes businesses need to make

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