Top Most Common Passwords of the Year 2020

NordPass has recently released the top 200 most common passwords of the year 2020. The list looked at 275 million breached passwords and analyzed how many times a password had been exposed, the time it takes to crack it, the number of

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The Top 5 Biggest Online Threats of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly altered life in 2020, and it has had a dramatic effect on the security landscape. We’ve outlined the top 5 biggest threats posed to cybersecurity in 2020 (so far). Phishing Attacks: Phishing attacks use social engineering to

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Is Your Business Prepared for the Worst?

Let's start with some statistics. 40% to 60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster. Business downtime costs between $10k to $5M per hour. 45% of companies reported downtime from hardware failure. Only 5% of disruptions are caused by natural disasters.

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Top Benefits of Internet Communications

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows phone calls possible from any internet-connected device with a microphone and speakers. VoIP has been growing in popularity over traditional phone lines. Many businesses have started implementing online phone systems, especially with

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